Active, Internal, Resistance or AIR is a modern movement technology for femme tech rebels.



More connection with your deep core muscles = a safer, more stable class experience. Perfect if you want to feel fierce & sexy without having to get up + down off the ground or you struggle to put weight on your wrists, knees and shoulders.

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When you're connected to your deep core muscles, you move from the inside out with more grace + agility. AIR is a guide to your deeper muscles. The muscles that support your foundation and make you feel safe + powerful when you move. It's time to take your power back!

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The AIR BAR is a simple way to activate internal resistance so your body becomes your gym and you go from "having" to move to the one "being moved." With the assistance of the AIR BAR, you activate more muscles, in more ranges of motion... at the same time. So you need way less movement to get incredible, lasting results. This is how you reshape your body from the inside out without destroying your joints and connective tissues in the process.


Client Testimony

"Somehow the minutes between starting this breathing and finishing it just disappear and feel like a nano second. I think I go into some meditation void when I do this!!!! I love it"

- Jaimie Patrick-Abbot (London)

Client Testimony

"Best workout ever to start my day! I love your energy Kiya"

- Patricia Talisse (NYC)

Client Testimony

"AIR BAR is the best workout I've ever tried. It really changed my body. I sweat like crazy on every workout, and afterward, I feel the reward like no other. 
The standing-up crunches are a game-changer... after doing an AIR BAR class, I feel I can conquer the world!"

- Emilia Ronchetti (Argentina)


It's time to try something new.

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Kiya Knight is an Exercise Scientist and Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Breath Master with 20 years global experience. 

AIR BAR FIT came to life working in outdoor adventure fitness with award winning: resorts, hotels and traveling fitness spas worldwide. 

"We're all born with innate skills and one of mine is understanding people's emotions (energy in motion) without having to use a lot of words.


Personal Training has always been a fit because I can feel your deepest desires and wildest dreams… sometimes before you do.

I  see + believe in the versions of YOU that you may have forgot exist or haven't discovered, yet. 


I've spent years studying "best" healthy lifestyle practices because I always believed I was more than the world taught me to think I am.


Now it's time to show you how I creatively "break the rules." 


I've crafted an unusual career teaching my clients how to "play" outside and explore the Natural World because I know the importance of "recess" for optimum mental & physical well being.


For every problem there's a solution, but in order to get there you need a proven formula.


Here are a few of my favorite formulas to solve persistent "problems" + create movement magick in your life: 


Know Yourself = Trust Yourself


That's the formula for intuition and it works like a super power to transform any difficult situation you may face. Every AIR BAR FIT class is designed to connect you with your higher wisdom and truest deep core desires.


Hustle + Release = Flow


This is a formula for becoming an energetically magnetic human so you can start attracting and stop chasing what you really want. It's time to take your power back!


You need to know how to work with both positive and negative energies to create change


When I can't move, it's usually because I'm trying NOT to feel something and the pressure of faking it is causing energetic build up in my body that feels like anxiety + depression.


Over time repressed emotions can naturally erupt causing chaos in your life and relationships, especially your relationship w/ yourself.


"Letting go" means going through "it" and being really honest about what you feel, all the way to the other side.


That's how natural healing works.


That's when you experience epic transformation, cultivate a huge amount of life force energy and take back your power.


Learning + Experience = Knowledge 


If you really want to know yourself on a deep soul level you need to do more than read books.


You must have a body rocking, soul stirring experience that causes a chemical chain reaction in your body + mind. An experience which leads you to the cultivation of true self love + compassion.


Support = Success


We become the 5 people we hang out with the most so choose your team wisely because your life and happiness depend on it."


"Team work makes the dream work." xo, Kiya