Activate your energy, align w/ your vision, release what needs to be cleared.

7 Day Spinal Chakra Activation takes you on a journey through your energy centers so you can activate, align and evolve old stories and create a fresh energy blueprint for 2023. Start with your root chakra or energy center located at the base of your spine. Each day you'll get a new moving meditation or Kriya. Each meditation focuses on a different chakra so you tune into your energy and become aware of where you have blocks while learning to clean, clear and reboot your own energy fast.



Command of your body like a boss by mastering: Mobility, Stability, Balance & Deep Core Connection.

We're going to meet you where you are and show you fun, creative ways to maximize your movement potential. Activate your Shakti energy by moving your body in a sacred spiral. Release stagnant energy as you reshape your body. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Use the power of visualization reshape your thoughts then your actions, then your body! Don't forget to take a "before" pic.



Transform discipline into devotion as you face off with your higher self. 

In exercise science we call this "progressive overload." it means you need to break your muscles down first if you want to build your body stronger, faster and more capable of taking on life's daily challenges with more grace and ease. When you're strong in your body, you're strong in your life! Science based fitness with a dash of mysticism to make your workout class feel fun and entertaining.



Somatic Stress Release. "Your biography is your biology" says energy master Carolyn Myss. Trauma and stories from the past we don't feel, process move through get stuck in your body on a cellular level. This "stuck" energy causes emotion addiction which keeps you repeating toxic cycles + relationships. This class works like an E-Motional pleases you feel better fast + reprogram your body for new positive, powerful outcomes.



Yoga means union. Connect with yourself on the mat. Tune into your deeper needs and desires. Remember who you really are. Kundalini, Vinyasa and sports stretching classes available inside the club.



Inflammation is the leading cause of dis-ease in women globally. Learn how to listen to and work with your unique body and rhythms. Create a strategy to nourish yourself and experience rejuvenation and healing from the inside out.

Kiya and Evan


Click here to schedule a private session and let's get PERSONAL. Get a custom meal plan and personalized workout schedule. Kiya and Evan have 40 years of combined experience as women's trainers globally and we're ready to show you how to make your dream a reality. Simply + effectively, we got you!

Kiya Knight
Kiya Knight
Kiya Knight

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